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Villagers' goal is pretty simple: they must expose the werewolves and burn them at the stake (which is possible at the end of every game round).
Simple Villager

Simple Villager

Those villagers are the hearth of the village, but they don't have any power.



This powerful woman has two potions : one that can heal the werewolves target, the other that can kill any player.



One time per night, she is allowed to check the role of another player.



The Cupid will choose two players who are going to fall in love. When one dies, the other also dies immediately. The lovers win only if they are in the winners camp or if they are the last remaining players of the game.

Little Girl

Little Girl

The Little Girl can open her eyes when werewolves are voting. It's useful, but it can also be very dangerous if she gets caught !



One time per night, the Detective can investigate on two player to know whether or not they share the same camp.


Guardian Complete version

Once per night, the Guardian can protect a player from being killed by any other player.

Black Cat

Black Cat Complete version

Before every village vote, the Black Cat can choose a player who is going to have already two votes against him.


Hunter Complete version

If the villagers choose to burn the Hunter at the stake, he can shoot any player he wants before dying.



This man can survive the werewolves one time during the game. Be warned, if he's burnt at the stake, all villagers lose their powers (therefore, this does not include werewolves and neutral roles).


The goal of the werewolves camp is to eat all players who are not in their camp.


Those are villagers who turn into nasty werewolves at night. Every night, they have to vote for a villager they want to eat !

Black Werewolf

Black Werewolf Complete version

One time during the game, the Black Werewolf is allowed to infect another player. This player will immediately turn into a Werewolf.

Others & neutrals

This camp is pretty special. They usually win alone if special conditions are met (see the roles belows for more details).


The Angel wins if she's burnt at the stake during the first game round. Otherwise, she turns into a Simple Villager.

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny can distribute two Easter eggs per night. He wins when all alive players except him have an Easter egg (if he is alive).

White Werewolf

White Werewolf Complete version

The White Werewolf is infiltrated in the werewolves camp and can kill a Werewolf every night. He wins if he is the last remaining player of the game.


Wolfdog Complete version

The Wolfdog can choose his camp during the first game round.


Ripper Complete version

During every night, the Ripper can kill a player. He wins if he is the last remaining player of the game.


Survivor Complete version

The Survivor can protect himself from dying two times in the game. He wins if he is the last remaining player of the game.


Pyromaniac Complete version

Every night, the Pyromaniac can either choose to oil two players, or to burn all previously oiled players. Players do not know if they have been oiled. She wins if she is the last remaining player of the game.


Thief Complete version

The Thief can steal the role of any player he wants during the first game round. The target will then become a Simple Villager.