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Mobile Werewolf is an unofficial mobile version of the famous board game Mafia. The concept is simple : you and your friends are the inhabitants of a strange village where some of you turn into nasty werewolves at night.

The goal for the villagers is to expose the werewolves and to burn them at the stake while the goal for the werewolves is to eat all the other villages without being exposed. Simple, right ?

Some other roles are also available to spice up your gaming experience like the Witch, the Seer, the Cupid, and many more ! Be sure to use their abilities very well in order to triumph over the opposing side.

How to play ?

Cloud Sun Cloud

Single phone mode

You only need to run one app instance, but you also need a moderator.

Moon Cloud

Local network mode

You must download the app on multiple phones and have them connected on the same Wi-Fi network in order to play but you don't need a moderator.

In both game modes, just after the first countdown, all players must close their eyes. At each game phase, the game will tell you which players are allowed to wake up and which actions they are supposed to do (eg. to vote against another player).
It's pretty straight forward because the game guides yourself during every phase.

Available roles

A lot of roles are available to play with. You can help the village to win using, for example the Seer, the Witch, the Guardian and a lot more ! On the opposite side, you can play as a Werewolf, as a Black Werewolf, or as a Wolfdog for example.

The game also includes some roles who can win alone like the Angel and the Ripper.

Please note that new roles are going to be added in the future. For more detailed instructions about how the game roles, please check the Roles page.